Travelling is about collecting moments in time. Moments which become embedded in your mind forever to reflect upon for the rest of your years to come. Each moment forms the core of a story about your travels to share with your friends and family. Each one of us has our own moments we take home from our travels: a special dinner, an incredible hotel, a stunning sight, an amazing journey… but more often than not it is the interaction and engagement with locals; nature and like-minded travellers which makes the biggest impression on us during our travels.

We have been fulfilling this role for over 5 years with set and tailormade tours for travelers and groups

We are very proud to be a 100% Bolivian locally family owned company in which all relatives participate to create a unique experience and therefore making sure all goes according to plan.

We’re proud of our experienced and knowledgeable team of destination specialists. But we are most proud that the singularly most important element of our business remains growing as well as our prestige – we are committed to you as a customer-centric travel company.